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5 Reasons to use Chiropractic Care while Pregnant

  • Back Pain Relief

  • Ease of Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Ensures Healthy Immune System

  • Better Positioning of Baby

  • Easier Labor and Delivery

There is a common belief that back pain and discomfort is normal during pregnancy. Although a woman’s body is going through many physical changes, there is no reason she cannot have an enjoyable, active experience.

Dr. Jessica Vanderklei uses standard, diversified techniques (and light force when necessary) to help a woman as her body is changing. The Webster Technique is specifically geared towards creating a neutral pelvis creating an environment for optimal fetal positioning. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is intended to promote a healthy pregnancy and an uneventful labor and delivery.

Prenatal Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping during pregnancy can be used in many ways. The “baby belt” application provides a lot of relief for pubic bone and lower abdominal pain. It makes sleeping during pregnancy more comfortable and makes it easier to move. Generally, taping helps take the burden off of mom's muscles and ligaments and tends to be more comfortable than the typical belly support belt. 

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