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Dr. Jessica Vanderklei was educated within Cleveland Chiropractic College and is expertly trained in manual manipulation. Manual manipulation means that your joints will move with a quick gentle thrust of the doctor’s hands. These adjustments can be performed in a variety of ways to suit each patient’s needs and preferences. All adjustments are performed with full patient consent and a thorough explanation including diagnosis and other treatment options. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown in research to be among the most effective treatments for lower back pain, neck pain and headaches.


Did you Know?


Chiropractic Care is typically viewed as corrective, but it is also preventative. Education and adjustments on a

regular basis can increase mobility

and prevent future injuries.

People under Chiropractic care use 53% less medications than those under chiropractic care.*


Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you instantly heal better!

Heal. Thrive. Evolve.

Our elite chiropractic and massage team is committed to helping you heal from injuries – old or new, from setbacks, and from pain.

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