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Prenatal Chiropractor in Grain Valley

Pregnancy can be a grueling process, especially in the final months and weeks for expecting mothers. It is widely thought that back pain and overall discomfort are just a part of being pregnant, but visits to a prenatal chiropractor in Grain Valley can help change that. At Oak Grove Chiropractic, we specialize in prenatal care and are here to help make a mother’s experience as enjoyable and active as possible.  

Experienced Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jessica Vanderklei is well-versed in the different techniques used for effective prenatal chiropractic care. In her years of experience as a prenatal chiropractor in Grain Valley, Dr. Vanderklei has helped countless mothers using diversified techniques and light force when necessary. She utilizes The Webster Technique, which helps create a neutral pelvis and assists with optimal fetal positioning. Through this technique and others, women can experience healthier pregnancies and improve the likelihood of an uneventful labor and delivery. 


Prenatal Kinesiology Tape

When many of us think of Kinesiology Tape or K-Tape, we immediately visualize athletes who use it to help treat muscle, joint, or ligament pain. However, K-Tape has proven successful when used by prenatal chiropractors in Grain Valley. A common use for K-Tape is “the baby belt,” which provides relief to the pubic bone and reduces lower abdominal pain for future moms. It also makes sleeping much more comfortable and allows for easier movement. K-Tape helps take some of the stress off of the muscles and ligaments while providing more support than a standard support belt.  

Reasons to Schedule Appointments with a Prenatal Chiropractor

If you choose Oak Grove Chiropractic for prenatal chiropractic care in Grain Valley, you may experience numerous benefits. These include: 

  • Reduces or Eases Pregnancy Symptoms 

  • Baby is Positioned Better 

  • Relieves Back Pain 

  • Less Difficulty During Labor & Delivery 

  • Enhanced Immune System 

Dr. Jessica Vanderklei and our entire staff at Oak Grove Chiropractic are here to help with all your prenatal chiropractic needs. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment at our facility.

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