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Can a Chiropractor in Grain Valley fix Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Chiropractor in Grain Valley

Can a Chiropractor in Grain Valley fix Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome? As a leading chiropractor in Grain Valley, we want to help. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not a strange mystery for many chiropractors. For most, carpal tunnel syndrome has become synonymous with surgery. There are not often other methods of recovery that is offered for those who suffer from this injury, so many do not think there is anything else they can do.

However, your local Grain Valley chiropractor knows that is far from the truth. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when one of the primary nerves in your hand is compressed on its way to the wrist. There are more than three million documented cases of carpal tunnel syndrome in the United States, making it a widespread and likely injury.

Chiropractor in Grain Valley

It’s a beautiful day to save spines with your Grain Valley chiropractor.

Most victims of this injury do not immediately think about visiting their Grain Valley chiropractor at Oak Grove Chiropractic to help heal their pain. Sadly, doing this simple step could prevent a very painful surgery and recovery period as well as stacks of medical bills.

The method that we use is generally noninvasive and gentle. As a well-known and trusted chiropractor in Grain Valley, we pride ourselves in understanding how your body works to repair these types of injuries. Gentle manipulation of the joints, tendons, and position of your wrist will allow the carpal tunnel to relieve some of the pressure and gain full movement and feeling in your hands.

Relax… We’ve got your back! Stop in and see our family chiropractor in Grain Valley!

Each person is different, and so the healing process can vary from each individual. If this injury is left untreated, it can cause severe and even permanent damage to the arm and wrist, leaving it useless. If you know you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or even believe you show the symptoms, a quick consultation with your Grain Valley chiropractor at Oak Grove Chiropractic to assess your situation.

Surgery is not the Only Answer

It is easy to think that surgery will be a quick fix, but that is far from the easy option. Surgery does not work for every carpal tunnel injury and can leave lasting scars and injuries that continue to cause damage. Chiropractic care for carpal tunnel injuries can quickly and efficiently, heal your pain and injuries without seeking invasive and painful techniques.

Call our offices today at 816-625-1598 or fill out a form here to schedule a consultation to assess your injuries and how we can assist. Oak Grove Chiropractic is a highly respected chiropractor in Grain Valley and would like to have the opportunity to assess your injuries as soon as possible.

Heal. Thrive. Evolve.

Oak Grove Chiropractic, your family chiropractor in Grain Valley believes chiropractic care is typically viewed as corrective, but it is also preventative. Education and adjustments on a regular basis can increase mobility and prevent future injuries. We treat headaches, herniated discs, carpal tunnel, and lower back pain. We are also your sports injury chiropractor in Grain Valleyfor football, cheerleading, basketball, or whatever athletic activity has you hurting – we are here to help. If that is not enough, we also offer massage therapy in Grain Valley too!

Give us a call at 816-625-1598 or contact us online today!

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