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3 Common Winter Sports Injuries and How a Grain Valley Chiropractor Can Help

3 Common Winter Sports Injuries and How a Grain Valley Chiropractor Can Help

Winter sports are always an exciting experience to play and to watch. Staying active throughout the winter months is essential to keeping your body healthy, but winter sports and activities do come with additional risks.

Three of the top winter sports that people do while in their city or vacationing include hockey, skiing/snowboarding, and ice skating. These three winter sports can play a significant role in injuries. The good news is that most of these injuries can be corrected with the help of a sports injury chiropractor in Grain Valley, thankfully.

Here are the Top injuries and How Oak Grove Chiropractic can help:

Grain Valley Chiropractor -- #1 Hockey

Hockey is a very physical sport, and falls, bumps, and bruises come with the territory. This can cause major misalignment and other injuries to the back, neck, and other areas of the body. If you enroll your child or yourself in a hockey league, it’s a great idea to have a Grain Valley chiropractor on speed dial because you may need to come in throughout the season. When you get consistent treatment, this not only alleviates pain, but it also reduces swelling and prevents scar tissue from causing further damage.

Grain Valley Chiropractor -- #2 Snow Boarding and Skiing

This sport is very popular for all ages and backgrounds. Not only can you ski with friends, but it can be a family activity near your home or while on vacation. This is why visiting a Grain Valley chiropractor in your family’s regular routine is essential. Not only does it improve your motion to be able to move better on the slopes, but it also can help you repair quickly after you ski.

Knee pain is the most common pain experienced by skiers because of all the turning motions that it entails. Many forms of treatment can decrease pain and strengthen your knee ligaments, including adjustments, ice, and laser therapies.

Grain Valley Chiropractor

Grain Valley Chiropractor -- #3 Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun winter sport that also can be done as a hobby for both adults and children. Both indoor and outdoor rinks make it a fun pastime no matter where you live in the US. It is an enjoyable activity but can cause injuries from falls. Ankle injuries are also common for novice skaters.

The great news is that with treatment from one of the sports injury chiropractor in Grain Valley you can prevent long-term injury. Your chiropractor can help strengthen joints that are weak or need extra care. This can help provide the strength and balance you need before you skate.

Heal. Thrive. Evolve.

Grain Valley Chiropractor

Oak Grove Chiropractic, your family chiropractor in Grain Valley, believes chiropractic care is typically viewed as corrective, but it is also preventative. Education and adjustments on a regular basis can increase mobility and prevent future injuries. We treat headaches, herniated discs, carpal tunnel, and lower back pain. We are also your sports injury chiropractor in Grain Valley for football, cheerleading, basketball, or whatever athletic activity has you hurting – we are here to help. If that is not enough, we also offer massage therapy in Grain Valley too!

Give us a call at 816-625-1598 or contact us online today!

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